Monday, January 4, 2010

Lunch break whoas and woes

Since I have began this crazy thing called working, I have been forced to change my daily routine. I like change, so I welcomed the opportunity with open arms. At first. Then I began to realize that lunch required a different kind of planning than I was accustomed to. This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but since my life revolves around food, I was highly concerned with how lunch was going to work.

Like many places of work, Cityview gives each of us one full hour to either leave and grab food or eat here and take a mental break if you wish. We're located at the L&N building downtown, so the options are a bit endless as far as proximity goes. However, I really don't relish the idea of eating out every single day. Actually, it terrifies me. Of course there's the whole issue of having time to either walk or drive to a restaurant and get food around the same time that everyone else working in Knoxville is too. And then there is also the concern of spending an increased amount of money allotted to food than you would if you ate at home (like I did most of the time when I was going to UT). Grocery shopping is becoming a thing of the past already for my life and I've only been employed for a few short weeks. I love grocery shopping. Don't ask me why, but I get a rush of adrenaline as I explore each isle. I always have a list of things I have to get. But I find myself meandering around to see if I can conjure something new. Some of my best recipes were developed as I was daydreaming in a grocery store. I'll share them as we go along, don't fret.

All of this discussion brings up my next quest. I am now on the hunt for some easy and fast recipes that are portable for the workplace to get people who are bored, frustrated, or ___(fill in the blank)___ with eating out for lunch breaks.

What I have access to at Cityview: a refrigerator and a microwave. If you are a lucky duck (like my mother is at the City of Maryville), you may even have access to a dish washer, oven or other such things. So for this lunch ideas section, everything will be refrigerated or will require a few seconds in the microwave.

I'll be making some up and also searching my cookbook collection. I welcome ideas, so share some recipes if you've got them. :)


Hannah B. said...

Bake a chicken on Sunday night then put shredded chicken on a Spinach salad with this ( dressing or make this quickie ( Super yummy! :D

lesliemarie said...

I don't have a recipe to share, but maybe a thought for a future post? I work home health, so I eat in my car pretty much every day (except for Wednesdays when we have a lunch meeting at the office). I need yummy ideas that I can eat with one hand on the go! :) I'm getting a bit tired of sandwiches. Looking forward to your lunch stuff!

Melissa Brinley said...

Hannah, those are some great ideas! Thank ya much :)

Leslie, that is quite difficult to do! Drive and eat haha! I will venture into some lunch-like finger foods that are easy to eat in the car first :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure it's hard to find time to post when you're working full-time, but what are some good recipes with crescent rolls? I have seen people have pastries at parties and when I ask them how long it took them to make the dough, they said they used crescent rolls from the store! I guess I'm not that creative...any recipes?