Thursday, August 27, 2009

So it begins...

If you have read my "About Me," you realize that I am a student at the University of Tennessee, however, I am entering my last semester this fall. Yes, somehow I managed to graduate early from college. Yay yayee! A little bit more about me: I have a dream of writing recipes and articles, cooking in a test kitchen, and representing a the publication in media interactions at a food or lifestyle-oriented magazine. My passion and calling in my career life is food writing. I'm very excited and eager to start! But I realize I have a lot to learn and look forward to each day discovering a little bit more about food and wine.

One of my classes is titled, "managing news web sites" and we will be developing a project using various media throughout the semester. Discussing our project topic on a blog is one requirement, thus the reason for this blogs creation! My professor advised us to pick a specific topic about something we are highly interested in because we will be researching and developing the topic over the course of the semester. If you know me personally, it will be no surprise to you that I chose something in the foodie world to do my project on. :) My plans for this blog include posting my research or personal recipes on alternatives to bland and mundane tailgate food. Because football season is gearing up, I will focus on football tailgates. Any tailgating fan is used to (and probably very bored with) having hot wings, grilled burgers and hot dogs, deli sandwiches and Coca~Cola or beer on game days. I will give suggestions of recipes and drink options to spice up your game day that are quick and easy, so you can worry less and focus on enjoying the company of friends and family. Everyone will have smiling faces, full bellies and eager hearts in waiting for the marching band to take the field for pregame...because we all know that means it's football time!