Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the pregame to any successful tailgate: dips and spreads

During the tailgate discussions I'll be leading this football season, I will choose a specific type of buffet item or tailgating tip to highlight each week. I hope you are all as excited as I am to tie up your apron and sharpen your knives as this project gets into full swing. It is going to be fun.
This week is all about preparing different dips and spreads--breaking away from the go-to Pace salsa and Tostitos chips.
Now there's nothing wrong with those; they're actually one of my favorite snacks, paired with sour cream of course. However, it is a snack that is overly relied on to appease palates while the rest of the tailgate menu is cooking up.

I have done some research through personal recipes and cookbooks of famous chefs and am going to share some vegetarian bean dips, fish spreads and of course a Mexican dip to replace the staple salsa dip.

The first recipe is on the cutting board tomorrow, so check back for a zesty vegetarian dip from my own kitchen.

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