Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Best BBQ of Knoxville

Many regions of the country think they have the best barbecue ever made. National festivals in several states have people come from all over to battle it out with chicken, pulled pork, ribs, dry rubbed and sauces to make your mouth water. 

When "barbecue" and "Tennessee" are ever in the same sentence, most people think of Memphis's Rendezvous, which has received much national attention over the years. Charlie Vergos and his charcoal ribs are legendary, but not everyone prefers dry rubbed barbecue. 

So what's a person to do if they want some melt in your mouth barbecue, complete with sauce?! Well, if you are traveling through Knoxville, Tenn. any time soon, I suggest a pit stop at Dead End BBQ. I had the wonderful pleasure to eat my first meal at Dead End last week, and being a bit of a barbecue girl, I was critical. But I fell in love. So I ventured back, but this time I brought my family with me because they hadn't been yet. 

I ordered the same exact thing I ordered the first time I went. Absolutely had to have a round two of that mess. Delish. The pulled pork dinner with macaroni and pimento cheese, potato salad and of course, a jalapeno cornbread muffin. Fantastic. A revelation. Tho the menu is oh, so tempting. Next time, and there will be another next time, I must try the chicken. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is not your hillbilly, Tennessee barbecue joint that is all mixed matched and smelly. This place is sleek and uptown. Trendy from the decor, bar area to the menu design. And oh, how I am a fan of bold colored walls. Located on Sutherland Ave. in the Bearden area, it is accessible to many people. If you come during lunch time during the week, you may even have to meander around the parking lot a few rounds to score a parking spot. The secret is out in Knoxville. Dead End BBQ is making waves in the barbecue world. And Knoxvillians should be proud. 

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