Thursday, March 18, 2010

On the prowl...and learning to be patient

Since I was laid off from my job just a mere three weeks ago, I have learned two things:

1. The importance of health insurance is so huge. I didn't have provided health insurance at my previous job, but not having an income makes these health insurance bills hurt more on the wallet. A job with health benefits would be fantastic.
2. Rather than waking up and searching/applying for jobs all day every day makes my head hurt, for several reasons, I need to do something else. Not only do I loath my mother's unnecessary help with searching for jobs, but I am getting discouraged with the waiting. I am not doing this anymore, all day at least. I am going to start doing things that I enjoy for an attempt to not go crazy. 

What does this mean? My absence on this blog will, again, cease. Writing things other than cover letters will be a nice change for my brain, for sure. However, I feel obligated to make the first few posts about easy lunch recipes as previously promised. So look out for them. They're coming. 

Side note: On Sunday, I will be in contact with someone I greatly admire in the foodie world. Hints? Hmmm...she has a cool name. Guess if you want. :) 

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