Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend Treats

Whether you are religious or not, many people have decorated hard-boiled eggs or participated in an Easter egg hunt at some point in their life. I had fun with it myself growing up, but it was also a time for our family to gather together. 

However, when you graduate to the "adult table" at family gatherings, you are most of the time given some sort of responsibility--such as bringing a course for the meal spread. Sometimes this can be a tricky and stressful task, depending on what you're stuck with. You want to impress your family, of course, with your creativity and cooking ability. So what do you make? 

For a brunch gathering, there are some simple options: a fruit tray, banana pudding, veggies and dip, egg omelets or even some bacon. While those are all very delicious, they aren't always very creatively presented. So maybe you can keep the ease of cooking and get a little in the spirit with these recipes: 

Courtesy of Disney's Family Fun Magazine, check out this Easter Brunch Pizza.  While this recipe used red, yellow, and green peppers, red onions, and cooked breakfast sausage for toppings, you can use whatever you long as you decorate your egg!
For a little sweetness to top off any brunch menu (since it's too early for Cadbury Eggs), try this recipe courtesy of Taste of Home: Cinnamon Roll Bunnies
Now if you have a lunch or dinner gathering, like my family, the options are wide open with fun possibilities. Starting off with a salad, enjoy this recipe courtesy of Taste of Home: Bunny Pear Salad. (A substitute option for this recipe: rather than having whipped cream as the bunny tail, you could also use a dollop of cottage cheese. A more healthy option that also meshes well with pears.) 
Next up, you could create a different spin on the commonly served hard boiled egg with this recipe, courtesy of All Free Crafts: Boiled Egg Easter Bunnies. These are really easy to make, and look like they took hours. (But you know the truth of the simplicity.)

If you have a bunch of little ones running around your family gatherings, they usually aren't so much impressed with healthy or tasty food. They want the goods. The cool looking and ever so sweet desserts. I have done some heavy research and these are the neat things I have found: 

Courtesy of Martha Stewart, these Spring Chick Cupcakes are sure to attract people to the dessert table. And aren't they so cute?
Here's something the kids can help you make, but everyone will enjoy. They don't take a lot of prep time either, so you can be doing other things. Courtesy of All Recipes, Easter Egg Dipper Treats are a hit. 

Happy Easter!

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