Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mythbusters: "Bad things" are healthy now?

Well, not really healthy now; they have always been healthy. Your favorite "bad food" may not be so taboo in the realm of healthy living. Blame your mother for telling you the following are bad for you all those years. 

For more ways to splurge smartly, refer to Prevention. In the meantime, just remember that anything can be unhealthy if you eat too much of it, especially in one sitting. A trick to make sure you don't overeat (no matter what is for dinner) is to eat meals on smaller plates. Sometimes people get in the habit of filling their plate when it's actually way over the recommended serving. 

What brought on this post? Well, my dad has lost 18 pounds (and counting) just by watching what he eats, walking during lunch and hiking/biking with me on the weekends. Granted, he doesn't really eat beef at all anymore because of all the grease, but he'll splurge and eat a burger or something once a month. We have replaced ground beef with ground turkey in every applicable recipe. So far, without missing beef at all (except with chili. the texture was just not the same at all. we're still tweaking it).

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