Monday, March 21, 2011

Time in the freezer...

Life is absolutely crazy--I started a new job November 1, 2010 [at a mortgage company...who thought I would EVER work anywhere near numbers?! not me, but it's been a fantastic learning experience] and I have been extremely lazy about posting. 

Ironically enough, my lovely friends and family have brought up le blog in common conversation so much recently, I am putting an end to this no-new-updates business. Pinky promise. 

As I'm revisiting the blog, you may notice some new restructuring or maybe I'll even start a series. I'd like to keep my life organized :)

So I guess you can say I just took a mini vacation in the freezer...but the blog is thawing out and ready to rock in any recipe. Let's get back in the kitchen! :) 

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