Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Culinary School...YES!

So this is a bit of a 'life update' post...

It's official. After searching for the right program since early 2009, I will be starting my Culinary Arts degree at Johnson & Wales University in March 2012. So yes, that means I will be relocating to Charlotte (most likely beginning of January, but that is still in the works). JWU has a 'Garnish Your Degree' advanced program option, and that's the program I'll be studying under. Rather than starting with general education courses (because I already took well over my fair share for my bachelor's degree), I'll jump right into culinary labs and be done with the program in 12 months.

While there's still a ton to plan (apartment hunting, job hunting, etc.) I'm still very psyched it's finally happening! I'm definitely in need of a change of pace, and would like to get started on the life I intended to live out--getting back to using my degree and going after my passion. Dream job, I'm coming for you.

Friday, August 5, 2011

What's the price for fresh produce?

Fresh and organic food has become in higher demand over the past year or so in popular culture [i.e. people I don't really consider foodies, per se, because they don't immerse themselves in food issues, have a strict diet or simply have a love affair with food]. Let me first say that this is a fantastic turn in events. There may be hope yet for obese America. 

Associated Press reported more than 150 Tennessee schools will be receiving fresh fruit and veggies in their lunch rooms, funded from government grants. Grand total of $3.15 million. However, a HUGE step in the right direction. This makes me happy, as I went to kindergarten-high school in Tennessee, and even went to the University of Tennessee. It's good to hear that schools are taking their students health into account. 

here for the full reported story.