Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Culinary School...YES!

So this is a bit of a 'life update' post...

It's official. After searching for the right program since early 2009, I will be starting my Culinary Arts degree at Johnson & Wales University in March 2012. So yes, that means I will be relocating to Charlotte (most likely beginning of January, but that is still in the works). JWU has a 'Garnish Your Degree' advanced program option, and that's the program I'll be studying under. Rather than starting with general education courses (because I already took well over my fair share for my bachelor's degree), I'll jump right into culinary labs and be done with the program in 12 months.

While there's still a ton to plan (apartment hunting, job hunting, etc.) I'm still very psyched it's finally happening! I'm definitely in need of a change of pace, and would like to get started on the life I intended to live out--getting back to using my degree and going after my passion. Dream job, I'm coming for you.

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