Monday, July 9, 2012

Meatless Monday:: Portabella Burger

My best friend and I have been through all sorts of phases with each other since we were six years old. Some are fashion phases, curly hair phases, too short bangs phases (thank God those have ended!) and the list could embarrassingly go on and on. However, my friend Whitney made a lifestyle change two years ago that is going to stick with her--and it also affects me. Yes, I am a culinary arts student who fearlessly eats anything who has a best friend who is a vegetarian. And proud.
This post is for you, Whit. Love you.

Vegetarians have various reasons for their lifestyle choices, but all suffer together when they want to eat out in a restaurant or public cookout. Not everyone is considerate of keeping options for vegetarians....or vegans, or gluten allergies, or etc. but that's a different post ;)
Realizing this, I made sure Whitney had some yummies to munch on for Fourth of July celebratory festivities. The first night I made a portabella mushroom burger that she absolutely drooled over. If you are looking for a re-inventive way to have a healthy and hearty burger without the beef, check this recipe!

The method of production is quite simple, so don't start stressing. You simply buy whole portabella mushrooms from the farmers market or grocery store and de-stem them all. It should come right off if you gently pull on it. Then place them on a well-oiled grill to get started. If you're worried about them sticking, you can wrap them in an aluminum foil pouch and that also works. For this specific burger, I also roasted some red bell peppers on the grill with the mushrooms.
Then, toast the burger buns so everything is hot and crunchy.
Now as Whitney knows, I am a huge cheese fan so I had to pair a delectable cheese for this burger. My choice was also one of her absolute favorites--goat cheese. And it went perfectly with this burger. To round everything out with the flavor profiles, and to provide a sauce for this burger, I added a homemade balsamic glaze. I also chose to soak the grilled mushrooms in this glaze before building the burger to add extra flavor.

What do you think?

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