Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2: Paleo Project

I woke up feeling as I usually do. Exhausted and hitting snooze a couple times before grunting to myself and mustering the energy to get out from under my comfy-cozy sheets to hop in the shower. Knowing the long day of working a double I have a head of me, I want to make sure I have time to eat breakfast. Realizing I had a bag of frozen organic raspberries in my freezer, I grabbed my unsweetened almond milk and my blender and went to town. Smoothie for breakfast! And I made enough to have one in the freezer at the ready for later this week. Planning ahead is essential for Paleo. For those of you who know me personally know that planning comes naturally for me. Maybe I'm an obsessive planner...

Anywho, I went to work my morning shift and didn't drool over everyone's fatty and carb-filled plates. I was nervous how I would feel in the restaurant, but it was fine. I grabbed a banana on my way out the door, and was so thankful I did. Having a snack to tide me over till my break helped. 

For lunch, I had an apple, 1/3 C. almond butter, and a spring mix salad with tomato and carrots. I had never had almond butter before, and was honestly freaked out when I opened the container. Inside at the top of the almond butter was a layer of oily water just sitting there on top. Not really knowing what to do, I just dumped it out. It looked gross, and I didn't want to just stir in the oils. I don't need extra oils in my body, right? After dumping the oil layer and giving it a good stir, it looked just like a darker shade of peanut butter. This, I could handle. The taste kicks you in the face at first, but I liked it paired with apple slices. Yay for new things!

I went back to work, and had dinner during my shift. Tonight, I had roasted asparagus wrapped with prosciutto. Sprinkled with a tad of pepper, this was a delicious dinner for sure! I also had 1 orange and 10 cherries to round out my day. A little Vitamin C boost during a shift really helps! Nature's best energy. Though I wish this "dinner" stayed with me a bit longer. Two hours later, I was starving. After talking to some of our chefs, we determined I wasn't eating enough. So I texted my sweet boyfriend to bring me some hummus and veggies. A few minutes after I make that request, I wonder, "can I even have hummus?" Then began a discussion with the chefs as to wither or not garbanzo beans were legumes. Don't bother googling, I'll save you the trouble. They are. So that was a bummer. So I appreciated his sweet effort to come to my hunger rescue and bring me snacks, so I chowed down on the carrots and grapes and gave the hummus away to a coworker.

The frustrating thing about this Paleo project is I'm a newb. I don't know everything there is to know about it, so I have to research a lot. During research, I stumble upon the differing opinions within the Paleo community. Yes, there is a community, and yes, there is a heated debate full of unnecessary judgement as to what is "Paleo" or not.

Regardless, I did miss my Diet Mt. Dew about half way through my shift. Closing is a bummer without caffeine. I have found considerable about of research that supports having whatever drink you want as long as it doesn't have sugar. With those regulations, Diet Mt. Dew is not exempt, because it has 0 g. sugar. However, in order for me to make an accurate judgement as to wither or not Paleo helps you feel better and boosts your energy, I need to refrain from caffeine. I was craving it tonight, and got a headache from withdraws. Yes, I was, or am, addicted to caffeine. And I'm pretty sure this is what detoxing from drugs feels like. Hoping that changes in the coming weeks.

On to tomorrow... 

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