Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 5: Paleo Project

I first must apologize for posting later than normal these few days. My mommy is in town for the weekend and we've been running the roads having fun! She tagged along with me in my paleo project for a week and ate with me. Love her. 

So for breakfast, I scarfed a can of peaches (in water) and a banana at work during my shift. I was busy at work for sure--doing work while making a to-do clean list for myself for the afternoon because mom would arrive shortly after I got off work. For lunch, I wanted to replicate the salad I had yesterday because it was SO yummy: spinach with shredded carrots, avocado, grilled chicken and Chiavetta's. However, today, since I was running around cleaning and feeling extra "nutty," I close to add some sliced almonds to this salad. I enjoyed it!

So mom arrived and I surprised her with the fact that we had meet and greet passes for a concert I had been talking to her about trying to go to. We managed to get second row tickets an hour before the show to see Eden's Edge, Eli Young Band, Little Big Town AND Rascal Flatts!!! We had such a blast, and we even found a paleo-friendly dinner at the amphitheater. We had an Italian sausage with grilled red and green peppers and onions. It wasn't the best meal in the world, especially for what we paid for it! But it was better than going on an empty stomach OR messing up my whole experiment by cheating and eating a cheeseburger, fries and slamming sodas and beers...

The concert was fantastic and I wasn't lusting over anyone's food or drinks. So much fun!  

On to tomorrow...

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