Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 6: Paleo Project

Exhausted and half deaf from the events of last night, I woke up to the smell of mom making scrambled eggs for breakfast. A smart way to lure me out of bed, I must say. She also brought me some yummy produce from her garden in Tennessee. (Score!) So we also enjoyed some red tomatoes with our eggs. 

With a busy day of shopping ahead of us, we left with the sales and coupons in hand. As lunchtime approached, we were in a large mall and it was most convenient and time savvy to eat at the food court. I immediately became nervous and my mind raced as to what I could possibly find to eat with the options. Chinese, Mexican, Subs...the odds weren't in my favor. Until I looked closer to the menu at a Mexican restaurant. They had a taco salad, served in a giant tortilla bowl. So I asked if I could have mine on a plate, and they didn't mind at all! Yay! So I had a salad with diced tomatoes, guacamole and grilled steak, topped with a lime vinaigrette. Mom had one with me, except she had grilled chicken.

We had to cut our shopping trip shorter than expected because I had to go into work late, so I grabbed my favorite snack: apple and almond butter. I also grabbed a can of pears (in water) to eat during work if I got hungry, and I was glad I did! With a busy day full of literally walking the entire day, I was burning off some energy fast. After work, I had a handful of grapes while we watched a comedy movie. 

I'm starting to notice the headaches are going away. I think I'm no longer addicted to caffeine! I'm sure my boyfriend is the most excited person about that, so I can join him in no caffeine. Can you imagine living your life without ANY caffeine for 25 years (and counting)?? God bless him! I want to see how long I can go without any caffeine.

On to tomorrow...

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