Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 7: Paleo Project

When mom comes to Charlotte, we shop a lot. Today was another morning of shopping before she headed back to Tennessee and I headed to work. But before we stormed the stores, I wanted her to check out one of my favorite spots for brunch: Terrace Cafe. My boyfriend and I have eaten here several times, and it gets better each time. One of their signature items is unfortunately not paleo-friendly. This item, a red velvet cake waffle with homemade cream cheese icing, is what lured mom to try the restaurant. She, like me, LOVES red velvet. Who doesn't? 

I was right--mom chose the red velvet waffle. I snapped a picture of her plate before she started: 
 So with this on the menu, you may be wondering what I found to eat...I knew they would have something for me. I was more worried about the temptation to steal a bite of mom's! Thankfully, my choice was so delicious, I was done before everyone else was even halfway there: 
Steak and eggs! Sunny side up, of course. So very delicious. Steve, my oh so very sweet boyfriend, pulled a fast one on me as soon as they placed my plate. "Oh look, a bird!" And of course I look up, but look at him to ask "Where?" just in time to see his fork leave my plate with a slab of my steak!!! Not cool. Only I would look for a bird in a restaurant...

We continued shopping for the afternoon until mom and I had to say our farewells. It was so nice to have her here for the past few days. It sucked to have to leave an afternoon with her to go to work, but that's life I guess. Lunch was an orange and a handful of raspberries on the walk to work. I packed my dinner, a spinach salad with baked pork tenderloin with carrots. I barely had enough time at work to eat it!

Almost a full week down!

On to tomorrow...

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