Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 9: Paleo Project

Today started with a smile because I was off work for the day! Followed quickly by a juicy peach for breakfast. I will spare you my extensive to-do list play by play of the day...

For lunch, Steven and I stopped by Zoees Kitchen. I always get nervous when having to grab a bite out somewhere, but I always manage to find something paleo. Today I had a greek salad (no feta) with a cup of tomato soup (no cheese). Not exactly my go-to meal at this place, but it's fun trying new things. And I think I'm finally used to having a salad without cheese. Never thought I would say those words!

For an after errand running snack, I had a plum and half an orange. I do love fruit on this Paleo thing. If they alter it and add a "no fruit" clause, I'm screwed! 

So I was faced with a new challenge today. I had a new intense craving in addition to the detox side effects...women readers out there may understand what I'm talking about. Once a month or so, I crave chocolate like that's the only thing to eat on the planet. Particularly difficult to figure out how to make that happen while on Paleo. So I went to a health market in Charlotte and they were able to hook me up with organic dairy and sugar free chocolate!!! Best day of my life. 

So of course I bought two bars of it, headed home to build a make-shift double boiler and grabbed the strawberries I just got from the market. Yeulp, chocolate covered strawberries (among other things).
 For dinner, baked chicken breast and my favorite salad: sliced cucumber, celery, carrots, salami and fresh tomato from Tennessee garden :)

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