Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Internship Update

As part of my culinary arts program requirements for Johnson & Wales University, I must complete an internship. After several interviews, job offers, discussing pros and cons with myself and the family, and bottles of Excedrin...I finally made a decision. 

So where's my new temporary home? Atlanta, Georgia at Morrison Healthcare working in the R&D department as a test kitchen chef. Research and development is the area of the industry I'm wanting to first pursue. Morrison is the healthcare advocate company of Compass Group, a large world-wide food service company. Many projects I work on involve healthy living, alternate cooking options, stealth health methods and such. Recipes we test are then implemented into WebTrition, then accessed by the appropriate accounts around the world.
As with many positions at corporate companies, employees aren't permitted to share company information with others or publish it online. However, I can discuss random things I learn--be it from work or personal research

Keep and eye out for fun facts in the future :)