About the writer

In my world right now...

I am a graduate of journalism (magazine) and communication studies from the University of Tennessee. I graduated on December 13th, 2009 then began working full time the next day as Cityview Magazine's Publisher's Assistant in Knoxville, Tennessee. However, I received an unexpected life lesson of the meaning "laid off" a few short months following. I took that opportunity to go back to school as I had wanted to, for culinary arts.

I chose to go to Johnson and Wales University to study culinary arts, and I enjoyed my time living, working and going to school in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina. A dear friend and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America gave me the best advice I ever heard regarding culinary school a few years ago, and man was he right! He said, "It will be a struggle, it will be much less romantic than you imagined. But when you are passionate about it, there is nothing more fulfilling." I am trying to digest every piece of culinary knowledge I can scrape off my plate right now, and won't stop till I'm dead.

I am currently an intern at America's Test Kitchen in Brookline, Massachusetts. There's no doubts about Boston being a fantastic place to explore life at your doorstep in the summer! I am an aspiring food writer and recipe developer, and this blog is a way for me to publish things I think about along the way.

I am very passionate about cooking and food--which some people who know me will say that's an understatement. I love investigating aspects of food and wine, always wanting to learn more and experiment with items in my own kitchen. Some of my most interesting culinary adventures have occurred overseas. I have had the pleasure of traveling extensively in Ireland, England, Mexico and Japan.

I have a shiba inu puppy, Lilli, and she is the joy of my life. My family lives close to Knoxville and my younger brother is a senior at UT now--they are very important to me. My friends keep me smiling and my feet on the ground.

I'm a generally happy person--trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. But I can be a skeptic. I guess that's the journalistic tendencies in me? I like to laugh, and do so often. I can be a bit snarky or sarcastic, but I think that keeps life spicy! I can get OCD about things. I enjoy cleaning (many people have told me this is odd), and when I'm upset I look more like the Tasmanian Devil in reverse...cleaning absolutely everything. I value organization and respect others who do as well.

I also enjoy music (I play piano, flute/piccolo and mellophone), photography (some say my camera is a part of my hand), writing (mainly feature writing), traveling (everywhere), reading (especially magazines), grammar (yeah, AP Stylebook), designing (I am in love with the Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium!) painting (just as a hobby, but I enjoy making pretty things), hiking (dad and I hit the trails a lot), actually anything outside or sports related (sunshine is the best AND go vols), singing (I enjoy karaoke), dancing (not just in my undies & jumping on my bed), movies (not so much a movie snob, but I have seen many, shopping (my mom has trained me to eye the stores...) and spending time with people I love (any chance I get).